Flourish Your Career From Home With The Help Of A Houseplant

Everyone is comparing notes on their work from home setup.

“Should I invest in an ergonomic chair?”

“How do I measure the right height for a working table?”

“Do I set up my ‘home office’ in the kitchen or the bedroom?

But what we do know is getting a plant for your work-from-home office is an excellent way to start transforming your space into a little work form home sanctuary!

Think of it as an attractive co-worker who’s always there but never talks. A plant, after all, is always working. For one, your indoor plants work to make the air you breathe just a little bit cleaner. Humans have a natural desire to be with nature; it’s even got a word; biophilia.

One University Study reads;
“Just adding one plant to your workplace can provide a large lift to the spirits and so promote well-being and performance.”

And after you’ve transformed your own work from home place, it’s time to #kitajagakita. If you have a college or employee or loved one who you know is having a thought time working from home, brighten their day or even their year with a fresh plant! And let nature do the rest!