Get to know the plants on Garden Party Decor - Ficus Plant

Ficus, considered as an indispensable interior home or office plant. It will blossom broad beautiful glossy leaves when pleased with its watering levels and environmental conditions. But expect it to drop its leaves like hot frying pans if not adequately cared for.

It’s no wonder some have called ficus the diva material.

For the majority of ficus breeds, caring for and growing these indoor shrubs can be manageable when followed accordingly and the some.

Lighting: indirect, shaded sunlight so that its leaves won’t be directly scorched by Malaysia’s fierce sun

Wind: best to keep it away from any form of repetitive breeze patterns that causes its leaves to motion in waving behavior for long duration

Watering: touch surface of soil to gauge moisture, if it is, job done! If it feels sand-dry, then it’s time to give it a light water shower

Temperature: keep it steady, no extreme switches between cold (airconditioning) and heat wave

Lifespan: years of livelihood

The key is to ensure no sudden changes to these ficus plant that shakes them up from health and continuous growth. That includes its positioning, temperature, watering.  If there needs to be changes, gradual is its tempo.

So if you still are searching for a stable groove to focus on your work from home arrangement, maybe the ficus could help. Here at Garden Party Decor, we have the naturally waxed deep green fiddle leaf ficus greenery.

Delivering 7 days a week to as far as Klang and even Ampang and everywhere in between, get the complete plant, pot and base plate.