Get to know the plants on Garden Party Decor Malaysia — Money Plant

The symbolic money plant goes back to 1986 where once, a poor Taiwanese farmer decided to cultivate five small "pachira aquatica" trees in one pot. With those five trees growing in a pot, the farmer had each trunk gently woven together to create the widely known Money Tree.

The braided tree trunks were meant to metaphorically keep all fortunes within the twists, bends and folds.

Over time, the Money Tree plant became rather popular that it made its way into office spaces, homes, and even bedrooms in East Asia. Mainly because this little plant was heavily commercialized with the ancient Asian practice of Feng Shui.

The words" Feng" and "Shui" is defined as wind and water. The practice asserts that through energy forces in the environment, it harmonizes individuals to their surroundings. With the auspicious Money Plant at offices and homes, it brings positive energy and bridges the missing link to our modern world, linking mankind to the natural world. It is also understood that with plants in proximity to us, it helps us develop a compassion streak and uplift moods. Particularly with a plant within view, we would patiently care and nurture it until it, slowly but surely, grows in size and thrives in leaf count!

While there are several types of the money plant, the money tree plant, "pachira aquatica," tends to be a popular office decoration piece. Business owners sought out these plants as it is known to bring luck and prosperity.

If you have reached this point and are feeling pretty interested in getting rearing on raring money plants, here's the quick rundown to care and grow for them.

Watering: Before watering, check that the soil isn't damp but slightly dry. If somewhat dry, then water your money plant and keep watch till excess water drains out from the base, then dry that out. The money tree plant's pot shouldn't be found sitting on a small puddle of water.

Indoors or outdoors: Malaysia's humidity is certainly suited weather for our little money tree plant friend. When placed indoors, place it in a bright area. When placed outdoors, it is ideal for keeping it in the shade away from direct sunlight. If you have just moved the plant from indoors to out, especially if from a darker indoor to a brighter outdoor environment, make it a gradual move. A full sun could brown the leaves. Keep it warm and keep it bright!

Repotting: Over time, you will find that the money tree plant grows and it's time to give it a roomier pot. We recommend opting for the right sized pot that provides the plant with 20-30% room for further growth. While it is tempting to upsize the pot without the right size consideration, it could be a risk of overwatering the plant, which can rot its roots.

Size: When cultivated as a house plant, it will grow up to 150 cm tall. The plant can reach a height of 18 m when kept out in the wild!

The low-maintenance money tree plant can be purchased from Garden Party Decor for RM89.90. It is ready to be shipped by Next-Day and delivered between 11 AM to 7 PM every day! Delivery coverage includes to the whole of Klang Valley, including Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.