Get to know the plants on Garden Party Decor - Monstera

We found out today that the grown-in-the-wild Monstera Deliciosa is a flowering plant, that spawns its own fruit. A ripe version of the fruit tastes like a tropical range of mango, coconut, pineapple, passion fruit and strawberries. As tasty as it sounds, it requires chefs with wizardry ability to turn this unique fruity plant into jams and desserts.

Monstera has become no stranger to many of us having seen photos of this breed appearing across the web and on our Instagram feeds. The alternative name to this plant is also known as the swiss cheese plant because its gorgeous perforated leaves resemble the likeness of the said dairy. There is a unique purpose to the holes in the leaves. It enables the greens to withstand the rainfall drops as it goes right through! Of course this would be most useful if the plant grows in the open wild forest.

For the rest of us city folks intending to be new plant parents beginning with the monstera, here’s a quick guide to have a feel if raising the plant is feasible.

Environment: humid climate wins, be sure to give it some space for vertical growth as it reaches great heights

Water: keep its base plate dry whereby there should be not water on it at all. Feel the soil and ensure it is moist, if dry then be sure to water it without the damping effect. At the initial, you will find yourself trying to get a good grasp of its moisture levels and frequency of watering. Once familiar, it becomes a predictable cycle.

Light: trick to speed growth for the plant is to bring on the indirect sunny sun no less! Dark to dim areas are off limits. At minimum, keep it in medium lighting.

Ready for the indoor potted monstera to call your own?