About Us and FAQ

For life’s celebrations, big and small, Garden Party Decor is about being a part of those milestone moments and everyday achievements. 

After all, the big is often a cumulation of the small.  The big reflects parts of where we have been, to where we are, and towards where we are headed. 

Life should be a shared journey of daily gratitude and celebratory to keep the whole in perspective.  

So let's mark everyday as a celebration, even more so at a time such as this!

"Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." — Kurt Vonnegut

Who is Garden Party Decor?

On Balloons

  • All balloons sold on Garden Party Decor are filled with helium
  • 12-inch latex balloons will float for up to 40 hours indoors, in cooling environment
  • 16-inch orbz balloon will float for weeks (to 1 month), in cooling environment
  • 24-inch transparent bubble balloons will float for up to 2 weeks indoors, in cooling environment
  • 24-inch latex balloons will float for up to 1 week indoors, in cooling environment
  • Foil balloons will float for weeks (even months), in cooling environment

On Refunds and Cancelations

  • All goods sold are not exchangeable and refundable while exceptions apply to wrong items delivered or damaged goods at delivery

On Delivery

  • Delivery is available throughout Klang Valley which includes all of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

On Claiming RM20 First Time, Collecting Points and Redeeming Future Points

  • Sign up with a working email and memorable password through this link
    Garden Party Decor - Step 1 - Register

  • Verify non-robot status by selecting images based on the prompt, after submitting, you will be sent back to the landing page https://www.gardenpartydecor.com/
    Garden Party Decor - Step 2 - Not A Robot

  • Check your inbox to receive an email with the following content to confirm a successful sign up
    Garden Party Decor - Step 3 - Earned 100 Party Points

  • Back at https://www.gardenpartydecor.com/, notice the dark gold button "Garden Party Club" where you will find your points - otherwise, please refresh the site to retrieve your 100 points = RM20, you can copy the GPD100... code
    Garden Party Decor - Step 4 - View and Redeem RM20 Off

  • To use the discount code, proceed to your shopping cart with the shortlisted items in your cart, insert any postal code in the Klang Valley then select delivery date and delivery time, click on Check Out
    Garden Party Decor - Step 6 - Post Code, Delivery Date, Delivery Time

  • On desktop, after clicking on the Check Out button, you can insert the GPD100... code by following below
    Garden Party Decor - Desktop Discount Code

  • On mobile, after tapping on the Check Out button, you can insert the GPD100... code by following below
    Garden Party Decor - Mobile Discount Code